As the leading business authority throughout the I-15 and SR-56 Corridors, the Chamber is proud to ensure sustainable prosperity through a commitment to its core values: service, advocacy, integrity, and pro-active relationships.

If you are doing business in this region, please review the many programs, services, committees, and events designed to support your effort and allow you the opportunity to realize greater success. If you’re considering relocating your business or expanding your operation to San Diego’s North County area, please let the SDNCC serve as your “go-to” source of information, access and support.

Whatever the reason, the Chamber is here to ensure that your business is on the right track for success – so “go North” and allow the SDNCC to partner with you to make a positive difference in your enterprise.


BERKMAN is more than a full-service public relations and marketing communications firm. We are senior PR strategists, blending world-class experience, insight and creativity with intimate client service and 24/7 responsiveness that are hallmarks of our success.

At BERKMAN, we develop long-term dynamic partnerships with our clients that are business-driven and focused on meeting objectives. We work synergistically to support our clients' operational process and impact key performance indicators like sales, consumer attitudes and profitability. We believe PR is not an end unto itself but functions as a business development arm strategically aligned to achieve corporate goals and invigorate business


Networking Groups that work! The Affinity Business Referral Association (ABRA) provides sales professionals and business owners networking opportunities throughout their local community. With a calculated balance of innovative technology and traditional face to face networking events and meetings, ABRA successfully has launched numerous chapters nationwide. Each local chapter allows only one member, per professional’s category. This eliminates internal competition and allows for loyal and lasting business relationships. Corporate discounts, business development workshops and regional networking events are just the beginning of benefits received by our members. ABRA allows business networking to remain an OPPORTUNITY, not an OBLIGATION. Contact us today to learn more about ABRA Networking Opportunities.


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