Frequently Asked Questions About this Social Media Marketing Event

Question: What makes your event different from other marketing courses I've taken?

Answer:  The ideas and strategies you'll hear during this social media marketing event have been created, tested and proven successful not only by the speakers themselves, but by hundreds of large and small companies all over the world.  There has NEVER been so many experts on social media assembled at one time.  Not only that, but they'll be revealing some of their best kept secrets and strategies.  I challenge you to find an event so comprehensive on social media marketing anywhere.  The experts are undoubtedly the best of the best!



Question: Why should I pay you to learn stuff I already know?

 You shouldn't.  If you already know the strategies and techniques you'll learn at this social media marketing event you don't need to sign up!  But if you want to learn how to tap into a totally new form of media that has already attracted millions of consumers, then I guarantee you will learn a great deal of tactics and techniques that you never knew.  "The problem is you don't know what you don't know".



Question: My business is different than most, are you sure the strategies I'll learn  will work for me?

I think you'd be surprised how many businesses say the same thing.  The strategies you'll learn and come away with work regardless of what part of the world you live in or your specific product or target market.  You'll learn so many different strategies that will be almost impossible for you NOT to find several that you can start using right away. 



Question: I am not much of a marketing or hi-tech person, how easy will it be to apply what I learn?

 The strategies you'll learn will work just as well for the novice as it will for the expert.  Most of the strategies are easy enough to implement.  More importantly than your knowledge of computers is your time commitment and desire to make the necessary changes to improve in your business.



Question: I don't have a big marketing budget, can your event still help me?

 Many of the strategies you'll learn won't cost anything to implement.  Sometimes it's just a change of focus in your thinking. On the other hand there will be some strategies that you may want to follow that will cost you something.  For most businesses however it's not about spending more so much as it is either reallocating resources or improving what you are already doing. 



Question: How many strategies do you suggest I implement?

 Don't try to do too many at once. Get a few up and running first and then add a few more as you see fit.  Remember, it's not how many you do, it's how well you do them.  In the case of networking, if you perfect just a few strategies of what you'll learn, you'll be ahead of 99% of your competitors.



Question: Is the cost of the social media marketing event tax deductible?

Although, you'll need to check with your financial advisor, the social media marketing event is considered continuing education and training.  When used to improve your professional or business skills it is usually deductible as a legitimate business expense.



Question: If your speakers are so great, why is the cost to attend so low?

First of all, I want to be sure that I over deliver on my promise to bring you the best speakers.  Second, I plan on having future social media marketing events to continue to help you build your business.  Not only do I want you to come back again, I want you to tell your friends, family and business associates.  My goal is to conduct the best and largest social media marketing events!



Question: Who should attend and what will I learn?

Entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers, sales and marketing professionals and anyone else looking for ways to turbo-charge their marketing efforts through the under-utilized power of social media marketing.


Anyone not satisfied with their current social media marketing results.



Question: How do I know which level to select?

First and foremost, spend what you can afford.  Better to be here than not be here.  Having said that, there is going to be so much information being presented, that your hand may get tired from taking so many notes.


If you think, like I do that the power of social media marketing can exponentially grow you business, then invest in your company by investing in growing your skill set.



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